HashLink is a virtual machine for Haxe


HashLink bytecode can be produced by using Haxe compiler (requires Haxe 3.4+)

haxe -hl output.hl -main MyApp


HashLink bytecode can be run using HL/JIT virtual machine.

hl output.hl

Dual compilation

HashLink bytecode can be either run through HL/JIT virtual machine or converted to C with HL/C:

haxe -hl out/main.c -main MyApp
gcc -O3 -o myapp -std=c11 -I out out/main.c -Lhl [/path/to/required.hdll]


HashLink runtime includes the following features:


While the standard HL runtime provides support for Haxe standard library, HashLink also provides several libraries that can optionally be used to build HL-specific applications.

FMT Library

Provide some binary format support:

  • inflate/deflate ZLIB compression
  • JPG decoding
  • Image scaling/resampling
  • ... more to come

UI Library

Provide some OS UI operations:

  • message/alert box
  • scrollable text log with custom buttons
  • async timer
  • (only supported on Windows for now)

SDL Library

Support for the popular SDL framework:

  • window creation
  • mouse and keyboard events
  • full OpenGL 3.2+ API
  • game controllers
  • native cursors


HashLink uses advanced optimizations to increase Haxe performance:

Initial benchmark shows that HL/JIT outperforms Adobe AIR and Node/V8 in many cases. Many room for performance improvement exists in HL/JIT to bring it as much near as HL/C as possible.


HashLink can be obtained using one of the following:


HashLink documentation can be accessed using:

Case Study: Northgard

Northgard is an upcoming 3D game by ShiroGames.

Northgard screenshot

Initially developed in Haxe with Adobe AIR, it now runs with HL and HLSDL library with the same performance.

  • The code consists in ~1200 classes containing ~11000 methods.
  • Timing has been measured on a low end Intel Q6600 @2.4 Ghz
  • Whole project recompilation takes 18.2 seconds
  • Recompilation with no change takes 2.4 seconds (using compilation server)
  • Recompilation with partial changes takes 5.8 seconds
  • Memory usage has been reduced from 900MB to 700MB

Open Source Star

HashLink is open source, available under the MIT License.
It is created and supported by Haxe Foundation

Thanks to the following libraries: LibTurboJPEG, LibPCRE, SDL, ZLIB.

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